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Fence Station

The JVA PTE2500 Electric Fence Station combines some of JVA’s best electric fence technology in a secure, waterproof enclosure which is easy to install. By adding smart technology the electric fence becomes a monitored electric fence. This allows the time that would have been spent checking the fence to be used for other productive tasks. Knowing the fence is ok can relieve stress. Knowing when there is a fault can allow problems to be solved fast, reducing time wasted through knock-on effects.

Containing a powerful 22 Joule energiser, the Electric Fence Station is capable of powering a barrier fence that stretches up to 20km, 10km in each direction. Each stretch of this fence then becomes a zone that is independently monitored 24/7. The energizer and monitors are connected to a cellular gateway which reports to JVA’s Cloud Router™. The Cloud Router™ is a message collection and routing service which links the cellular gateway to the user’s device. The Cloud Router™ will notify the fence manager via SMS, email or Facebook Messenger whenever there is an issue on the fence. Cloud Router™ can be accessed whenever internet connection is available for the fence manager to turn the fences on or off, monitor the status of the fence and see the fence voltages in real time.

The Electric Fence Station cabinet comes pre-wired with an Energizer, two monitors, Lightning Diverters, Cellular Gateway, LCD Keypad, a MPPT Solar Regulator and Circuit Breakers. Leads to connect to the Solar panel, battery and fence are also provided.

JVA can also provide a 250W Solar Panel and bracket. Due to shipping costs, JVA does not usually supply the batteries. Standard deep cycle 12 volt lead acid batteries can be purchased locally. The cabinet and solar panel bracket are designed to mount to a standard 60mm OD steel pole. Once a pole has been set into concrete, mounting the cabinet and solar panel takes around 15 minutes.

The Electric Fence Station must be installed where it can receive a 3G cell phone signal. JVA can provide a high gain directional antenna if the signal is weak.

Control and monitoring of the installed Electric Fence Station is via JVA’s Cloud Router™. This does require an account, but this is a very reasonable $2.50 per month. Logging into the Cloud Router requires only an Internet connection and a web browser, so any smart phone or PC can be used for this. Once logged in each site and fence can be given an appropriate name so that the owner recognises it when an alert is received on SMS, email or Facebook Messenger.

This Electric Fence Station offers an ideal solution for up to 20km of boundary fence, alternately it could power up to 50km of internal fencing. If used for a boundary the ideal location to install the Electric Fence Station is in the middle of the boundary (or a section of the boundary) so that it can monitor the fence in 2 zones leading away from that location. Each of the zones controlled by the Electric Fence Station is independently monitored. Faults such as shorts are reported back to the owner via email, SMS or Facebook Messenger.

Using patented Distant Fault Detection (DFD™) the ZM1 monitors within the Electric Fence Station are able to detect a short at the very limits of the fence. A powerful 22 Joule stored (16J output), energizer provides enough punch to keep stock in and feral or wild animals out.

Farmers can have peace of mind that their fence is working, day and night. They can check their electric fence over breakfast, while on holidays, and from anywhere in the world. Direct notification of faults means they can spend less time watching the fence, and know when and where to respond to issues on the fence.

JVA recommends sealed rechargeable batteries for our energizers.