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Agricultural electric fencing provides a solution to help keep farm animals or pets within the fences borders. It is also used to protect your animals or crops from ferals. The way that electric fencing works is by connecting an Electric fence Energizer to the fence. This Energizer is essentially a black box which provides an unpleasant electric shock to anything touching the fence. For the Energizers to work effectively you will need a fence that is sturdy with good earthing. The JVA team can help you pick the right fencing hardware so that the Energizers you use are being used to their full capabilities. Our Energizers can power fences up to 160km long provided that the fence is reasonably made.

Agricultural Electrical fencing is good for:

  • Keeping predators and ferals away from your livestock
  • Keeping livestock inside the zone so they do not wander off.
  • Sometimes big animals will charge through fences, having a shock might stop them from charging again.
  • We also have security monitoring on agricultural fencing allowing you to see if someone’s going into your paddock.

Our energizers come in all shapes and sizes. We provide small portable energizers that can be used for short term fencing such as a farm show, where you will need to keep your animals or pets inside. Most energizers are powered from mains or internal batteries but we provide solutions for solar energy providing inbuilt solar panels on some of our energizers or as additional accessories. Our newest IP Energizers(r) allow you turn monitor and control your energizers through our android and apple application.

An electric fence station is used on permanent fencing and is used to notify you directly to you mobile phone or computer. The electric fence stations are a great solution for Exclusion fencing. If you would like to know more about our solution for exclusion fences click here

JVA provides the necessary electric fence supplies to build a fence such as insulators, tensions, stand-off brackets and more. JVA’s Lighting diverters also provide a solution for when lightning strikes the fence deflecting the lighting power surge to ground protect your Energizers. JVA’s Electric Fence Fault Finder(R) provides an ease of use when fixing fences. If your fence isn’t working properly you can use this product to direct you directly to the fault along the fence.