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JVA RSG1 Fence Kit: Portable Electric Fence Energiser (0.11J 1 km) PLUS hardware - JVA Technologies - Electric Fencing - Agricultural Fencing - Equine Fencing - Security Fencing


JVA RSG1 Fence Kit: Portable Electric Fence Energiser (0.11J 1 km) PLUS hardware

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**Does Not include Battery**

The JVA RSG1 Rechargeable Portable Energiser is a re-chargeable electric fence energiser, proudly made in Australia. It is designed to make animal control a breeze. The RSG1 has an integrated, small, but rugged design making it ideal for strip grazing. It also packs enough punch to be great in small permanent electric fence setups.

This kit also contains all the hardware you need for a small fence.


  • 97 mJ powers up to 100 metres of fence. *
  • Simple safe and easy to setup.
  • Simple, safe and easy to set up
  • Integrated design makes it great for portable systems
  • Highly effient and intelligent digital circuit
  • Self resetting fuse
  • Large fence connection terminals
  • Charge it from your ute, truck and car or by 240Vac wall outlet
  • UV Stable enclosure
  • Approved to Australian Safety Standards
  • O ring sealed case for ant and moisture protection

* Solar panel not included.

Kit Contents:

  • JVA RSG1 Rechargeable, Portable Electric Fence Energiser
  • Power lead with alligator clips for use with a battery
  • Plug-pack for use on mains power
  • Fence leads with alligator clips
  • 200m roll of orange polywire
  • 8 fibreglass fence posts
  • 24 post springs
  • Warning sign
  • Earth rod
  * The actual acres or kilometers of fence powered  by this energiser depends on your farm fence conditions and therefore  varies greatly. The best method to compare energisers is to use pulse  output energy (Joules)


3 year Manufacturer Warranty (excludes lightning damage)

To cover you energiser for lightning damage, use with a JVA Lightning Diverter


Australian Made

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