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V-type Lighting Diverter with Adjustable Spark Gap - JVA Technologies - Electric Fencing - Agricultural Fencing - Equine Fencing - Security Fencing

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V-type Lighting Diverter with Adjustable Spark Gap


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Featuring an adjustable arc gap, this unique, V-shaped JVA Electric Fence Lightning Diverter is ideal for using to protect electric fence Energizers which power permanent electric fences. 


  • Easy to install between the fence and the Energizer
  • Conducts lightning current to the earth to protect the Energizer
  • Can be installed outdoors
  • Weather and ant resistant
  • Choke and Arc gap built into one diverter
  • Fence terminals are covered for safety
  • Adjustable Arc Gap
  • Added insulation plate for mounting on a metal wall


This device is a single stage diverter and it is not guaranteed to provide comprehensive lightning protection. If you want the best protection please consider the PTE0054.

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