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JVA Lightning Diverter (multi-stage) - Electric Fence Energiser Protection - JVA Technologies - Electric Fencing - Agricultural Fencing - Equine Fencing - Security Fencing


JVA Lightning Diverter (multi-stage) - Electric Fence Energiser Protection


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Simple  to fit and proven effective in the field over many years this device is cheap insurance for any electric fence energiser. 

Easy to fit, completely sealed against the elements, this device is a true multi-stage lightning diverter, not just a cheap spark gap! 

JVA model number: PTE0054

Note: Not suitable for energisers with rated output over 25 Joules.


  • Easy to install
  • Cheap and reliable way to protect your energiser
  • Contains an RFI filter to aid in reducing the electrical interference that can cause a ticking noise on telephones and inhibit the use of the Internet.


A three year warranty protects you from the cost of energiser repair should the diverter fail or be hit by a damaging surge of lightning (registration of the energiser to be protected is required).


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