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JVA designs and manufactures in Queensland, Australia.

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JVA Electric Fencing Supplies Online Shop

JVA designs and manufactures electric fence electronics in Brisbane Australia. Our products are used in Agriculture (farm fencing) and Security. JVA exports most of what we manufacture all around the world, earning export dollars for our country and keeping Australians employed here. We are pleased to be able to make these products available directly to you via our on-line store. By buying direct from our factory you get better prices. We strive to make these products as safe, effective and reliable as possible. We also give great after sales service. If you have a problem we are available to chat, to repair or replace any faulty item.

Electric Fencing has been used in Australia for many years, but we understand that there are still many people who have not tried it. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions on how the product works, or which of our products might be best for you.

More recently a new type of electric fencing has emerged which makes the most out of smart phones and internet, Monitored Electric Fencing and IP Energisers ™. JVA leads the world in this technology. By using our free App you can control our IP Energisers ™ from your smart phone.

Electric Fencing may be used for:

  • Sub dividing a large property to make better use of pastures
  • Relieving pressure off an old fence
  • Exclusion fencing
  • Alerting you to stock theft

JVA has a full range electric fence energisers. From very small units for pets or portable fencing to the most powerful Australian designed electric fence energiser, the 32 Joule Jumbo. JVA energisers work from a variety of power sources including mains 230Vac, 12V and Solar.

JVA makes the most powerful “off the shelf” integrated solar electric fence energiser in the world. The Electric Fence Station is a great solution for exclusion fencing or fencing any remote property or where you need a high powered monitored electric fence. If you would like to know more about this product click here.

We also have a great range of insulators and accessories such as our directional electric fence fault finder.  Thanks for coming to our virtual store, we hope you enjoy shopping with us.