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Customer Favourites of 2020

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You ordered, we listened. Here is JVA’s Top 5 Customer Favourites of 2020!

Electric Fence Pulsar Light – N-N704B/G/R

JVA’s Electric Fence Pulsar Light, also known as a fence indicator light, flasher or night light, is available in red, green and blue. Made with seven high intensity LEDs, the pulsar light connects to the live and earth wires via crimps, wire clamps or twisting the wires around the fence wire. They emit a bright flash (visible in full daylight) with each fence pulse, letting you know at a glance if the fence is on or off. They are incredibly helpful when installed by your gate so you can check your fence as you drive through.

Please note that we are in the process of transitioning to a new-and-improved pulsar light design (currently only available in red). You may begin receiving these as our stock of the old design runs low.

Electric Fence Swivel Cut-Out Switch – SP006

JVA’s Electric fence swivel cut-out switch is typically attached to the first fence-post and wired between the lead-out wire from the Electric Fence Energiser and the start of your fence to easily switch the fence off.  They can also be wired into various sections of fence to switch specific sections or paddocks on and off. This can help reduce load on the Energiser while paddocks are not in use, and can help isolate faults (although this is much easier with a JVA Fault Finder!). The perfect accessory for any fence!

Electric Fence Orange Politape (12mm wide, 200m roll) – SP022

JVA’s Electric Fencing Politape is UV stabilised plastic tape with stainless steel conductors woven into the "fabric". Perfect for temporary electric fences, but may also be used for strip grazing, fencing animals away from trees or gardens and much more. It is light, easy to tension by hand and is easy to see. The relatively high electrical resistance of tape compared to standard electric fence wire (2.5mm Galvanized Steel) means that it is not suitable for long fences (over a few hundred meters).

(Note: This product is also available in white)

Heavy Duty Compression Gate Break Handle – N-S790

JVA’s Heavy Duty Compression Gate Handle combines with Electric Fence Tape or Poliwire to create a safe and simple electric fence gate. It's also a good way of joining a temporary electric fence tape or wire to an existing fence, for strip grazing or temporarily subdividing a paddock.

Electric Fence Post Safety Top Cap Insulator – SP005

Perfect for animal enclosures and horse fences, JVA’s Post Safety Top Insulator simply slips on the top of a Y-post or star picket. This not only provides an insulator for the top of a fence, but also protects animals/livestock from being scratched by the posts. These insulators are suitable for Electric fence Tape (up to 40 millimetres wide), Poliwire or galvanized steel wire.

(Note: This product is also available in white)

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