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Essentials for your Emergency Electric Fencing Toolbox! - JVA

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The average Australian household like to keep a few choice items in their car for emergencies, from a first aid kit and umbrella to a spare tire. Until it was repealed in 1980, there was an enforced Australian law stating that all taxicabs must drive around with a hay bale in the boot! For those with electric fencing, unexpected accidents will likely occur from time to time. To help minimise damage and stress during these occurrences, here is a list of items that should be in your emergency electric fencing toolbox!

1. Mobile Phone

Following the introduction of JVA’s IP Energiser Range, mobile phones became an essential tool in monitored electric fencing.

By connecting your mobile to your JVA IP Energiser via JVA’s IP Energiser Controller App, you will have the power to check the status of the energiser, see which lines are working and which lines are not, and remotely turn the fence on or off to perform maintenance.

2. Electric Fence Fault Finder

Once you identify that there is a fault somewhere on your electric fence (or you have been alerted by JVA’s IP Energiser Controller App), you will need an Electric Fence Directional Fault Finder to help lead you to the fault.

To use, simply place the metal tip of the Fault Finder against the wire, press the button and follow the arrows! Once you have found the fault, conduct a physical inspection at the relevant portion of the fence to find out why the fault occurred (for example, bad insulation, poor earthing, broken wires etc.).

3. Two short out leads (if you do not have a remote-controlled energiser)

For those without an IP Energiser or IP Monitor (and therefore unable to use the IP Energiser Controller Mobile App), two short out leads will be required to block current travelling through the faulty portion of the fence without turning the Electric Fence Energiser off.

4. Pliers with insulated handle

One of the most commonly used tools in electric fencing; a spare set of insulated pliers will always be useful!

5. Spare Fencing Accessories

In the case of a damaged fence, it is wise to keep extra accessories on hand to fix broken odds and ends.
Our suggestions for your emergency toolbox are:

  1. Insulators: Used to replace broken or damaged insulators on the electric fence. Can be found in our online store.
  2. Small roll of wire or tape: Spare of whatever tape/wire you are currently using on your electric fence to fix broken lengths of fence. Our range of politape and poliwire can be found in our online store.
  3. Gate handle: Can be found individually, in JVA’s tape gate kit or within JVA’s spring gate kit on our online store to help quickly contain livestock within a broken gate/fence.
  4. Post or tread-in: available at your local hardware store.
  5. Line clamps: Used to replace broken or damaged line clamps on the electric fence. Can be found in our online store.
  6. Lead-out or under gate cable: If your lead-out cable has been damaged, you will want to replace it on the go! A variety of cable is available in our online store.

6. 20 litres of water to pour around the earth post in this dry weather

This one is pretty self-explanatory, but definitely something you don't want to forget!


So there you have it! JVA’s quick guide to an emergency electric fencing toolbox that is cost-effective, easy to maintain and will serve you well. If you have anything to add to this list, comment them below!

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