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History of the Electric Fence Power Probe

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The Electric Fence Power Probe (also known as the Electric Fence Fault Finder) was the original directional Fault Finder, branded for JVA by Pakton Technologies. By undergoing modifications and improvements along the way (from analogue to digital, Australia wide to overseas, etc.) it still offers electric fence owners the simplest method of tracking down faults.

Both the directional fault finding and no earth voltage measurement technologies were invented by Paul Thompson in approximately 1991. In September 1993, Paul’s Power Probe prototype was presented to the public for the first time in The Ag Show - a competition hosted by Queensland Country Life and sponsored by Grainco. In the “Farm Inventor of the Year” under $500 retail section, the prototype earned first place.

Shortly after, in November 1993, the prototype competed in The Land’s Newspaper “1993 Farm Inventor of the Year National Finals”, receiving runners up (second prize).
                                                                                                                                                     Figure 1: Paul Thompson with the latest JVA Power Probe.

By 1994, Power Probes were sold commercially under “Paul Thompson Electronics”, manufactured and distributed by Paul and Kayleen directly from their Burpengary home.

On June 1st 1995, Pakton Technologies was officially created as a husband-wife duo. In Pakton's earliest days, Jeanette Kelly (a close friend of the family) assisted with the soldering and assembly of the original Pakton Electric Fence Power Probe, and was the business’ first employee. To this day, Jeanette (now known as the Power Probe Queen) continues to work for Pakton, and still helps with the manufacture of the Power Probes for Pakton, JVA and OEM customers across the globe.

In 1998, the digital version of the power probe was released commercially, and received an “Award of Excellence”. At this time, Pakton was still manufacturing and distributing Power Probes from the Thompson’s home. It wasn’t until 1999 that they moved to commercial premises.

The second digital version of the Pakton Digital Power Probe was released in 2001, featuring a custom, waterproof blue case. From analogue to digital, Australia-wide to overseas, the Power Probe continues to undertake regular modifications and improvements to ensure it still offers customers the simplest and most effective method of tracking down fence faults. Unsurpassed, it is still regarded as the best electric fence fault finding device on the market.

Figure 2: Evolution of the Pakton Power Probe


JVA Technologies was co-founded in 2007 by Paul Thompson and Shaun Williamson as the sister company to Pakton. The Power Probe was branded in JVA colours, and was merged with our electric fence energiser and accessory ranges. It has since been distributed by the thousands across the globe.

Today, the Electric Fence Power Probe remains as one of both Pakton and JVA’s most highly demanded product. Its ability to lead you directly to the fault without the use of tangling wires are features that efficient minded farmers see the advantage of. After all, most electric fence owners can tell stories of time and effort wasted in searching for elusive faults. Long story short, the Electric Fence Power Probe gives you the power to find faults fast!

Figure 3: Current models of the Pakton and JVA Power Probes


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