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How to get better voltage at the end of your electric fence!

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Improving the voltage on your electric fence is an easy way to increase its performance and effectiveness. It helps reduce the amount of resistance on the electric fence, and in turn, allows for higher current flow. This article will give you a few helpful hints as to how you can improve the voltage at the end of your electric fence. It's so simple!
  1. If your fence has more than 1 live wire join them together at the start and end of each section. This is called a parallel circuit and it reduces the series resistance of the wires.

  2. Wire the fence in a star radiating out from the energiser. This may mean moving your energiser to the centre of the farm. JVA’s solar energiser bundles are perfect for this type of fence layout.
    For more information on JVA’s range of solar bundles, please click here.

  3. If your fence is all wood or all concrete posts, add an earth stake to the cold (earth) wires at regular intervals. This will also stop your gates from tingling.

  4. Find and fix fence faults as soon as they happen. JVA’s range of IP Energisers detect when an electric fence has a fault and sends a report directly to your mobile phone!

  5. Make use of your fence’s cold wires (assuming you have some steel posts) as extra earthing to improve the voltage at the end of your electric fence. Connect them all the way throughout your fence starting from the main energizer earth stake. This means taking an earth wire and a live wire under every gate.

  6. Invest in a Directional Electric Fence Fault Finder. This simple, lightweight tool will help you save time and find faults that you did not know you had!
    For more information on JVA’s Fault Finder’s, please click here.

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