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JVA Radio Frequency Interface

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Written and published by Hi-tech Security Solutions
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It is said that two heads are better than one. This is certainly the case where Roboguard has partnered with Pakton Technologies to create a new interface for the Roboguard wireless outdoor detector beam.

Starting as a simple facelift from the accustomed Roboguard HQ with GSM functionality, it has now developed into a radio frequency interface (RFI) that allows for full control and monitoring of your Roboguard system from anywhere in the world through a smart phone or a desktop PC. A data or Wi-Fi connection is the only requirement to access the system though the JVA Cloud Router.

The RF Interface can transmit up to 200 metres line of sight and can now, not only incorporate Roboguard beams, but also wireless PIRs, door contacts and the option of two programmable hardwired inputs. This allows for a maximum of eight zones per RFI board. Two programmable outputs are also at your disposal. These digital outputs, for example, can be used to remotely trigger a light to be turned on and off or used to open and close your gate from a smart phone or desktop PC.

The dashboard is now fully customisable, and the zones can be named and individually armed and disarmed through the JVA Cloud Router or via the Roboguard remote. Notifications via SMS, email and Facebook messenger can all be received through a smart phone or desktop PC with multiple users linked to one site. The RF interface can act as a stand-alone system or can be integrated into any existing system or radio link output for a full turnkey solution to your security requirements.

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