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Problems With Digital TV Reception And Your Electric Fence

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Electric fences can sometimes cause problems with Digital Television (TV) Reception, especially in marginal signal areas. Wide band noise is the most common source of interference; caused by an electrical arc in the fence, overgrown vegetation, poor connections and/or leaking insulators.

Whilst interference with digital reception is not a common issue, below are our top tips for minimising the likelihood of potential problems:

  1. Check all fence connections on the live wires, especially on main feed lines where the current is higher. Use line clamps rather than knots or simply twisting wires together. Poor fence connections that arc can generate large amounts of electrical noise which will interfere with wireless equipment.

  2. Check for fence faults. Any fence fault which causes even tiny amounts of arcing (wet grass or succulent weeds touching the live wire for example) will again generate electrical noise. To save time, we recommend using a directional Electric Fence Fault Finder.

  3. Check the electric fence earth (ground). Poor grounding can also cause an electric fence to emit excessive electrical noise. Also check that your fence earth stake is separated from your mains power ground. Having an electric fence ground too close to the earth stake of your mains power can cause noise to be injected directly into your TV or digital set top box through electrical outlets in your home.

  4. If your energiser is very old, consider a new energiser. Your old energiser may have been made before noise emission standards came into effect.

  5. Running a Bi-Polar electric fence will assist in minimising any potential problems with your digital TV reception. In a Bi-Polar electric fence system, the voltage on individual wires is lower, which means less noise will be transmitted from the fence (which is acting as a huge antenna). Because the voltage is balanced with one positive wire and one negative wire, noise which is generated by one can be cancelled by the other.
    For more information on our Bi-polar electric fence systems, please visit our online store or contact us today!

  6. Lastly, if you have cleaned up the issues with your fence you may need to:
    a) upgrade your antenna,
    b) add a mast head amplifier, or
    c) reposition the antenna so that it is higher and more likely to get a better signal.

Electric fence energisers should not be tampered with, as there can be dangerous voltages inside. If you think your energiser is faulty, please send it back to the manufacturer or approved technician for repair.

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