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JVA MB4.5 Mains/Battery Electric Fence Energiser 4.5J 45km


JVA MB4.5 Mains/Battery Electric Fence Energiser 4.5J 45km

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The JVA MB4.5 Mains/Battery Energiser can run on either a 12V battery or 240Vac. The JVA MB4.5 Mains/Battery Energiser is suitable for moderate to large permanent electric fences, and at 4.5 Joules (peak output energy) it is more than powerful enough for most electric fencing applications.

This product now comes with a free Electric Fence Beeper or a free Electric Fence Light. For more information check out the Fence Beeper here or the Fence Light here


  • 4.5 Joules powers up to 45km fence.*
  • LED Energiser and fence status indicator
  • Large easy to use fence terminals
  • O-Ring sealed enclosure for ant and moisture protection
  • Lightning protection
  • Easy to mount on wall with 2 screws
  • Approved to Australian Safety Standards
  • UV stable enclosure

* The actual acres or kilometers of fence powered by this energiser depends on your farm fence conditions and therefore varies greatly. The best method to compare energisers is to use pulse output energy (Joules)

**For connection from the energiser live terminal to the fence you will need a suitable high voltage cable (not included).


3 year Manufacturer Warranty (excludes lightning damage)


Australian Made

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