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JVA RS 485 Board - Keypad to RS485 Converter - JVA Technologies - Electric Fencing - Agricultural Fencing - Equine Fencing - Security Fencing


JVA RS 485 Board - Keypad to RS485 Converter


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The PAE100 Keypad Bus to RS485 Converter gives an optically isolated connection and voltage level translation between the Z-Series keypad bus and a standard RS485 serial bus. A convertor is required in order to control JVA Z-Series Energizers or Monitors via a PC running Perimeter Patrol software.


  • Provides approximately 10kV isolation to protect the PC against stray electric fence voltages or lightning surges. Note 1: Power links R10 and R11 must be removed for opto isolation.
  • Designed to fit inside a Z-Series Energizer Enclosure
  • May be connected to the PC via a USB to RS485 cable
  • Also available in an IP4x Enclosure (Part No. PTE0485)


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