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Benefits of Bi-polar Electric Fencing - JVA

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A Bi-Polar Electric Fence is a fence with two sets of live wires, Positive and Negative. These need to be kept separate at all times. A Bi-Polar fence can have one or more sets of positive and negative wires, along with an earthed wire.

As it is a more complicated system, we do not recommend Bi-Polar fences unless you currently have one of the problems that it helps with, such as farms with dry soils and/or suffering from desert-like conditions, animals/livestock that are difficult to contain (e.g. goats) or electrical interference with wireless signals.

The benefits of Bi-Polar electric fencing include:

  1. If either the Positive OR Negative live wires get a short to ground, the other polarity wire will not be affected and will still have good voltage on it. This is called redundancy and it makes it less likely that animals and livestock will escape.
  2. With the Bi-Polar fence there is up to 5kV on each wire, approximately half that for a normal fence. If you measure between the positive and negative you will see up to 10kV. This means each insulator is holding less voltage and is less likely to fail. This is beneficial in salt mist prone areas such as on the coast.
  3. The electrical noise generated by each polarity cancels the other out. This means that the Bi-Polar fence will cause less interference with wireless signals (like digital TV).
  4. It is not dependent on earth to shock the animal, so long as they touch two wires. This is beneficial in very dry areas such as semi-desert or perhaps (surprisingly) in a snow-covered landscape.

For more information on our Bi-polar electric fence systems, please visit our online store or contact us today!

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