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How to Save Money with Monitored Electric Fencing - JVA

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The ‘set and forget’ approach is not good enough for any type of electric fencing, and never has been. Not only does it allow the electric fence to accumulate costly (but preventable) repairs, it also causes implications such as not having stock contained properly or the property secure against predators.

A northern New South Wales based grazier told us recently that as his rule of thumb; it took him one man day to efficiently check 5km of his fence for faults and maintenance issues. When sales staff at JVA said we could provide an Electric Fence Station to monitor 10km of that boundary 24/7, he purchased it immediately. Not only will he not have to spend those tiresome days checking his electric fence, but the fence is now a more effective barrier.

JVA’s Electric Fence Station is an all-in-one, customisable, waterproof, lightning protected, solar powered fence eJVA's Electric Fence Station comes with everything you need to effectively monitor your fence from your mobile phone!nergiser and monitoring solution for two sections of 10km boundary fence, or even more internal fencing. It will accurately detect breaks or shorts and notify you directly to your mobile phone via SMS, email or with Facebook Messenger.

Using JVA’s patented ZM1 technology and Cloud Router system™, you are given the power to detect problems on very long fences, turn the fences on or off, and check their voltage at any time directly from your mobile phone. A powerful MB16 energiser (rated at 16J), coupled with a 250W solar panel provides enough punch to keep livestock in and wild/stray animals out. Best of all, it comes with everything you need to hook it up — you just need a pole in the ground.

The current running costs for the network connection are approximately AUD$50 per year. The only other regular cost associated with the electric fence station is the two batteries, which should last three to five years each. When these small costs are weighed against the average man’s wage for 2+ days per month (along with fuel and vehicle maintenance), it is a no brainer!

For more information on our Electric Fence Station, visit our online store or contact us today!
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