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JVA’s Monitored Electric Fencing: the Smart Way to Fence

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The ‘set and forget’ approach is not good enough for any type of electric fencing, and never really has been. Not only does it allow the fence to accumulate costly (but preventable) repairs, it also causes implications such as not having stock contained properly or the property secure against predators.

Since our foundation in 2007 JVA Technologies have dedicated ourselves to developing and manufacturing affordable monitored electric fencing solutions for the average farmer. Systems such as the Electric Fence Station, IP Energizer, IP Monitor and Cloud Router are now readily available across the country – with more innovative products released every year.

Electric Fence Station

JVA’s Electric Fence Station is an all-in-one, customisable, waterproof, lightning protected, solar powered fence energizer and monitoring solution for two sections of 10km boundary fence, or a lot more internal fencing. It will accurately detect faults and notify you directly to your mobile phone via SMS, email or with Facebook Messenger, giving you the peace of mind needed to continue with more important issues. When you or your staff need to do fence repairs, you can turn your fence off and back on from your smartphone, no matter where you are in the world.

JVA’s Electric Fence Station is delivered with everything you will need for an effective monitoring system – all you need to hook it up is a hole in the ground!

Its components include:

  • A powerful 24 stored, 16 output Joule Electric Fence Energizer (rated to 160km of fence) with enough punch to keep stock in and feral/unwanted animals out.
  • 250W solar panel with mounting bracket.
  • 20A MPPT Solar regulator to charge gel or lead-acid batteries.
  • Dual ZM1 fence monitors to accurately detect shorts.
  • Cellular Gateway that will work with any mobile network.
  • Cloud Router® remote monitoring and control.
  • Lightning protection.
  • Pre-wired waterproof cabinet with solar and battery leads.
  • Simple connection instructions and phone support.

The current running costs for the network connection are approximately AUD$50 per year. The only other regular cost associated with the electric fence station is the two batteries, which should last three to five years each. When these small costs are weighed against the average man’s wage for 2+ days per month (along with fuel and vehicle maintenance), it is a no brainer!

IP Monitor

The JVA IP Monitor is an internet-connected electric fence monitor and switch. Using the free IP Energizer Controller app, it allows you to instantly see the status of your configured electric fence from anywhere in the world, switch the fence on and off, and even alert you should fence voltage or current go beyond configurable thresholds. It works with any energizer and has built-in Wi-Fi technology, making connection easy.

Features include:

  • Built-in Wi-Fi for direct internet connection
  • Mains or 12V Battery Operation
  • 3G/4G cellular network with a separate modem/hotspot (not included)
  • High power internal relay
  • Works with most energizers up to 36J
  • Start-of-fence or end-of-fence monitoring
  • Can break a large fence system into separately controlled and monitored zones
  • O-ring sealed case for ant and moisture protection
  • IP Energizer Controller app available for iPhone and Android device


IP Energizer

JVA is proud to have produced the world's first Wi-Fi enabled IOT energizer, allowing users to monitor and control their electric fence energizers from anywhere in the world using any smartphone or tablet.

Both designing and manufacturing all of our energizers in our Queensland office, JVA offer a wide range of energizers for any application. Our Mains-Battery IP Energizers - the MB8 (8J), MB12 (12J) and MB16 (16J) - have a sleek style, practical design, and are configurable for Bi-polar and conventional electric fencing. 

Features include:

  • Auto-Sync™ Technology for safer fences
  • Power on demand (automatically ramps up power when needed)
  • Reverse battery protection
  • Highly efficient and intelligent digital design
  • O-Ring sealed case for ant and moisture protection
  • LCD shows fence voltage, stored energy and battery voltage


Further information, prices and all product specifications can be found on our online store.

JVA Technologies are dedicated to developing and manufacturing affordable monitored electric fencing solutions. Stay tuned as we release more innovative products in the coming months!

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  • Weston Kirakura on

    JVA is one of the most reliable Electric fence Energizer brands. Here in Kenya we do recommend the brand to our customers due to the ease of installation, good performance and availability of spares for repair. If you are looking for electric fence installation in Kenya then is the place to check.

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