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Solar Fencing Made Shockingly Easy With JVA

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JVA Technologies is proud to announce the release of our new Solar Panel Kits. Designed to be used alongside JVA’s Mains-Battery Electric Fence Energisers, these kits are well priced and come with a three-year warranty.

The 50W Panel Kit is ideal for JVA’s MB3 and MB4.5 Electric Fence Energisers. There is also a 100W version for the larger MB8 and MB12 Electric Fence Energisers. Both kits include a high quality, extruded aluminium bracket, solar regulator, leads. Basically, everything except the pole and battery.

To set up, simply unfold and secure the panel to a pole using the provided U-Bolts, tighten the bolts, attach a suitable sized 12V lead-acid battery (determined using JVA’s online Solar Calculator here and connect to your Electric Fence Energiser. It’s that simple!

For further information, please visit our online store or contact us today!

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Phone: 0499 000 455

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