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JVA Releases World’s Largest IP Electric Fence Energizer!

JVA Admin

On the 31st July 2019, JVA Technologies proudly announced the release of our latest Jumbo (JMB) Electric Fence Energizer series, consisting of three models that produce a stunning 46J of stored energy each. The JMB series is the most powerful and feature-rich range of electric fence energizers JVA has released to date, taking the lead as the world’s largest IP Energizer®! While the JMB was specifically designed for boundary and exclusion fencing, the series is also well suited to any large permanent electric fencing application.

Models in the Jumbo (JMB) Series are as follows:
- JMB-ZM1: 
46J Energizer with Power Monitoring
- JMB-ZM2: Dual Zone 46J IP Energizer (2 x 23J) with Power Monitoring
- JMB-ZM50: 46J IP Energizer with 50 Sector Loop Monitoring

One of the newly released products, JVA’s JMB-ZM2

The JMB series introduces the JVA Virtual Keypad. This allows you to monitor, control and program the energizer from your Wi-Fi enabled smart device (phone, tablet or laptop). For those not technologically inclined, the JMB’s can also be controlled and monitored with an optional wired keypad.

By incorporating Power Monitoring and our patented Distant Fault Detection (DFD) technology, the JMB-ZM1 and JMB-ZM2 models can be configured to monitor very long fences without the need to create loops or install return wire to feed the end of fence voltage back to the energizer (Start of Fence Monitoring). These models also have an optional fence return terminal for “end of fence” monitoring systems. Not only that, but they are also compatible with all the existing JVA monitoring software and accessories.

Some other defining features of the Jumbo Range include an inbuilt Ground (Earth) monitor (which lets you know when your earth stakes aren’t doing their job properly) and a built-in Loop Monitor in the JMB-ZM50. They are all Remote Ready and can be controlled using JVA’s remote control*.

All of JVA’s Electric Fence Energizers are designed and manufactured in their Australian office!

At the time of publication, the JMB range will only be available to Australian customers in conjunction with JVA’s Solar Electric Fence Station (PTE2500). For information, please do not hesitate to contact us or visit our online store.

* JVA remote control under development, coming soon!

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