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Moisture and Water Damage in your Electric Fence Energiser

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Over our many years, JVA has assisted a lot of customers with repairs when an electric fence energiser does not work as it should. From our experience, moisture damage is one of the most common causes of energiser failure. The operational parts of energisers are electronics, and electronics do not work well in moist/wet environments. 

Because of this, it's essential to protect the internal electronics from rain, humidity and damp storage places. As active solar and battery energisers are required to stand out in all weather conditions, this is not always easy. Mains powered energisers should never be placed outdoors and are more often protected because the powerpoint is in a more weatherproof area.

Here's a list of our top tips to protect your electric fence energiser from weather damage: 

  1. Never place 240V mains powered energisers outdoors in the rain. Place them in a weatherproof area (such as indoors, a shed, etc.). This includes the 240V power pack of a mains battery unit. It must be indoors.

  2. Place a waterproof cover over your battery energiser if it is out in the weather. This is just common sense; no plastic will last forever in full sun and while you are giving is some shade, make it dry as well.

  3. Ensure that water (such as rain, dew, etc.) cannot be channelled into the case by the leads that attach to the battery or the fence. The leads should hang down in a loop before they reach the case so water will drip off.

  4. Do not store an unused energiser in damp or humid environments for long periods as this can cause condensation to build inside the case. A working energiser produces a little heat which helps to keep the case internals dry. Regularly charge and test your solar energisers to ensure the battery does not go flat. Solar units should be stored by a window that receives plenty of sunlight, with the solar panel facing the window.

  5. Keep ants out of the energiser. If necessary, spray the mounting pole/wall behind the unit with a surface spray. 

  6. Never sit your energiser (including a solar unit) directly on the ground. Always mount it up on a pole or shed wall. Why? Because the o-ring seal has a breather hole right at the bottom of the case. If it is sitting on the ground it will suck water in when it rains.

For more tips and tricks to weatherproof your electric fence energiser, contact us today!

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