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Surviving Storm Season with JVA

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Our spring/summer storm season is here! At this time of the year, we see more JVA electric fence energisers coming back in for repair than usual. We also get people asking whether a lightning-damaged energiser can be repaired.

The answer? Yes! Energisers hit by lightning can usually be repaired – at a cost. Following a lightning strike, major electrical components in the energiser are likely to be damaged, resulting in high repair costs. Electric Fence Energisers are not getting cheaper with time, and repair costs won’t be either. Your investment in an energiser is worth protecting. Fortunately, we have a way to help!

JVA’s Lightning Diverter (PTE0054), when installed, will protect your energiser through this and future storm seasons. By absorbing the surge in place of the energiser and shorting a damaged fence, the lightning diverter can save energisers from lightning strikes to your electric fence.

Your lighting diverter can be mounted quite close to the energiser. It can even use the same earth/ground rod as the energiser. While its installation manual suggests that it go between the lead-out wire to the fence and the fence wire, this is because this point offers a natural break in the wiring. If a long lead-out wire extends outdoors or is suspended high over gates or roads, it increases the risk of a lightning strike. It is better to mount the lightning diverter closer to the energiser before the lead out extends into an exposed area. Please be aware that is it ok if our lightning diverter makes a soft ticking sound.

You will need two of these lightning diverters if you are using Bi-Polar Electric Fence Energisers – one for the positive wire, and one for the negative wire. The lightning diverters may share the same earth as the energiser.

While the lightning diverter was tested to withstand lightning tests in the old Queensland University’s lightning laboratory, nature may dish out bigger surges that damage both the lightning diverter and the Electric Fence Energiser. But that’s okay! A registered warranty means that the energiser will be repaired (for up to 3 years) – compliments of JVA!

If you have any questions regarding our energiser range, lightning diverter or repair policies, contact us today! Email:

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